Facebook Application Development – Think before you leap

Facebook with more than 300 million users is a great market to promote your products, brand or business. You can market your product globally as well as locally. Marketing of something on social networks is called social network marketing. Social net work marketing is different from other traditional ways. Social network marketing provides the best opportunity to users to interact with the company directly. User can exchange his feelings about the product directly. Facebook and other social net works provide the many tools to engaging the users. The most powerful tool is a Facebook Applications. Through Facebook applications you can attract the users easily and make a successful marketing campaign. Millions of applications are registered with the Facebook but most of them could not achieve the desired result due to different lacks. I will try to explain some points which are important to consider before developing any type of Applications.

What you want?

First and the most important point you should make clear. You understand the purpose of launching this application. Are you going to introduce new business, new product, make sales, or just monetize your idea via application? The goal of the application will set a strategy that what, when and how to do.


A lot of great project could not be completed due to the lack of budgets. You should clearly know that what resources are required and how to meet this requirement step by step.

Application Idea

Now the time is to study the application idea. If you are clear about the purpose of launching this application then you can understand easily that this idea can be helpful for this purpose or not. Some ideas are great but may not for you. So think for your requirement not for big ideas.


If you are going to monetize your idea via Facebook than you must consider expenditures as compare to expected revenue.

Involvement from all users Groups

If you are working for promotion or monetizing an application than you should have a such application that attract the all groups of users, like from different ages or from different cultures etc. Application must be interested that not only users enjoy but also refer to their friends.

Make socialize the users

Application should provide the opportunities to users that they can share their experience with friends, colleagues etc.

User’s confidence

Gain the users confidence is the important thing, you never think to miss use the users data. Otherwise you lose your market.

Never cheat the users

During playing the game, application never cheats the users to monetize.

Follow the Facebook policies.

This is also important point that you should follow the Facebook Policies so that you and your users be happy.

Application’s launching plan.

As someone said that if you not plan to do a task it means you are planning to fail. A power full plan from the experts should be implementing, otherwise you will be fail although you have an ideal application with rich idea.

Brains Tech is all about the user-friendly Facebook Apps development factory. With the artistic blend of our professionals’ expertise and experience, we facilitate you unique, eye catching design for Facebook application to guaranteed target goals for application installation.

How to Hire an iPhone Apps Development Company

Apple iPhone Apps craze is increasing rapidly. Thousands of Applications are present on Apple Apps store to sale but there is a lot of room for new applications. Millions of iPhone applications are downloaded via iPhone users weakly. Apple iPhone applications are tremendous tool for not only marketing but also monetize your ideas.

Here are some guidelines explaining the some factors you should keep in mind before hiring an iPhone application Development Company.

Make a short list of possible Companies.

Just analyze the market and make a short list of companies which are developing the iPhone apps. There are different types of iPhone apps; you should focus on companies which are engaging for developing the applications as your idea.

Experience in iPhone Application Development

Further you can make your list shorter on the basis of prior experience in the related fields. You must consider the other areas of expertise. Companies back ground and skilled employee also important criteria to consider the company.

Concept to Execution power

You have a rich idea to develop an iPhone application but this is not enough to make great product. This is important that how a development company takes your idea and how to convert it into existence. To check the company’s designing and developing department ability for execution the idea you must check the company profile.

Agree for long term Support

If you select a company with a highly skilled team, this is making possible for a long term agreement for up gradation, bug fixing and any type of technical support.

Experts for working with other platforms

A company having the experience on other platforms definitely is a plus point.

Analysis of Company Profile

Company’s profile shows the company’s history and show that the company what can do and what can’t. That is why you go through the company’s profile in depth.

The Brains tech is the company with strong and satisfied clients in USA, UK and all over the world. Brains tech not only develops the iPhone Apps but also have a proven experience journey in J2ME mobile application, Facebook Applications and Websites design and development.

iPhone Application Development Company

Facebook Applications – Launching thrilling Facebook Applications

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Email: webmaster@brainstech.com

The brains Pvt. Ltd is a USA based Social media application development agency that holds expertise in developing applications on major social networks such as Facebook, Bebo, Twitter, Freindster along with mobile platforms and iPhone. Targeting the USA and Europe market at large Brains has established a strong repute and is well known for it’s in time delivery, flawless execution and innovative ideas.

The brains excitedly proclaim the arrival of its upcoming thrilling Facebook Applications which will most probably be launched in the cut-throat environment at the end of this month. One will give Facebook users the buzzing strategic game while other will hold breathes of quiz lovers through its puzzling interrogation. We hope to bring a tactical change in the apps development and keenly looking forward for it. Also, these apps are designed to cater the tastes of current users and are expected to cross the past records of user-ship, said The Brains Games Developer last night.

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