Facebook Fan Pages – Why does your business needs one?

Today is the era of social media and in case you did not already know this you do now. Social media has revolutionized the internet marketing industry and more and more marketers are shifting to social media marketing. Companies are running campaigns on social networks to promote their business and website are being optimized for social media (S.M.O).

Facebook undoubtedly is the leader of all social networks with the largest user base in the world and thousands of apps. The platform is feature rich and provides companies with various social media tools which if used effectively not only bolster their image but also helps in increasing sales and revenue generation.

Facebook Fan Page Development:

Facebook Fan Page is one such feature provided by Facebook. Fan Pages are gaining more and more popularity due to the fact that there is no better way by which you can promote your services and interact with your fans/clients. Facebook Fan Page is a great tool via which you can keep

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Facebook Application Development in Social Media Marketing

It is actually the 3 million dollar question, isn’t it, “Does social media pay?” And beyond that: “Do Facebook applications pay off?”Since most of the brands join the bandwagon of Facebook application for business promotion with an erroneous impression that people are bound to listen to their marketing pitches. The naked truth is that people are damned tired of listening to such stuffs. Customers are tired of being marketed to. They are seeking for solid relationship that will lift them up, make them make better and informed decision.

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Facebook Application Development-Monetize and Socialize your business:

Facebook applications are an innovation that is aimed to help the developers to make the most in one of the largest social networks in the niche”.

The number of Facebook users is shooting up the count within millions, which proves as furbished platform to the developers that get increasingly more potential users every single day. Due to Facebook’s rapid evolution tools for the application development – Facebook API (Application Programming Interface), are changed quite often as well. The developers at The Brains keep the track of such new features to place most recent and updated

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