Apple leaves behind Microsoft

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The war between the two giants never seizes. Microsoft and Apple’s cold war in the market cap have been for long now, but there is something new this time. Microsoft leaded the score board with a little difference of $50 billion. The inclination and fluctuation of the shares in the market cap was unpredictable but it wasn’t hard to believe that soon Apple would take over Microsoft in the score board. And finally Apple did it!

Finally the day is here when Apple has outdone Microsoft in the market cap with a slight difference of 1.76%. Although the stocks have been floating for long but a noticeable fact is that for the first time Apple is ahead of Microsoft. Share fluctuations are of course part of the game, and Microsoft just very well regain its position in no time but it is still great new for Apple for giving tough time to Microsoft. No doubt Apple iPhone and iPhone apps have vital role for this achievement. Read the rest of this entry »

Chinese Astrology 2010-On the GO

Karma reading, either it’s your entertainment dose or you fanatically believe it, here’s an iPhone app that focuses on your personalised karma readings. Karma tester, released by little world studio, makes a splash on the iPhone floor.

One of the most interesting bits of the app is its Chinese design, music and calligraphy; giving a conventional ambiance to the app. It’s good to see the look and feel intact, but even if you don’t like the sound of it, turn it off and enjoy your reading.

Karma tester iPhone appYour first name

First level of entertainment reveals Chinese translation of your name. Just text in your name and in the next tap you see a very interesting translation of your name; though the translation is only approximate. App parses your name into Chinese syllables and translates accordingly. So now you can also show your friends how you spell in Chinese.

Next comes your Karma reading along with the percentage of luck. Knowing karma reading everyday can be fun and in many cases, insightful too. All I miss here is receiving push notifications of my karma readings every day. This might now be possible through OS 4.0 and available in the next version of the app.

That’s not the end of it! Karma tester has plans of more engagement. Karma can be shared on Facebook. Merely, within just 2 taps you can share your readings with your friends and family on the most exhaustive social network.

karma readingCouple

No matter how much you believe in the relationship itself, it’s always enticing to know what future holds for it.  I’ve tried all the compatible couple readings myself, over the years, and Karma tester happens to be no exception. Tap in your and your spouse’s name and the app gives you a compatibility percentage, along with an illustrious phrase. For instance, for me it read, “You are the incarnation of the Yin and the Yang”. Many of you lacking understanding of Chinese literature would be facing difficulty in understanding these lines, but nevertheless it’s fun reading them, and if you’re too inquisitive, then Google it.

I just happen to check compatibility with my partner but you may also be checking your compatibility with your business associate. This might really help in making right decision. Like Karma, you can also share compatibility percentage on Facebook.

Chinese AstrologyChinese Sign

Various ancient methodologies relate mankind to animals. Chinese astrology (中国占星术) believes that every person maps to an animal instinct. This is one hell of an alluring feature of the app, where tapping in your date of birth gives an insight about the animal within you. Don’t worry if you came out to be a rat because you’ll see in description that animals do not always mean the same as we perceive them.

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Google Nexus One and Apple iPhone

Google has unveiled his first smart phone , Nexus one. Its specifications and sets  is a great and clear challenge  for Apple. Let’s see the specifications of the competitors devices:

Size and weight
Nexus One: 130g, 11.5mm thick
iPhone: 135g, 12.3mm thick

iPhone is just thicker and heavier than Nexus One. Both differences are ignorable but Google clearly have the bigheaded rights on these points.

Nexus One: 3.7” display, 480×800
iPhone: 3.5” display, 480×320
iPhone screen resolution is not changed since 2007 but now Nexus has the advantage again on iPhone as 0.2”. And this is not ignore able feature.

CPU and memory
Nexus One: Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD 8250, 1GHZ, 512MB RAM
iPhone: Samsung S5PC100 ARM Cortex-A8 600Mhz, 256MB RAM
With a faster processor and twice as much RAM, it’s no wonder the Nexus One has been impressing testers with its speed.

Nexus One: 512MB flash memory, up to 32GB on Micro SD card
iPhone: 32GB flash memory
This is the area where iPhone has a big plus point on Nexus one. The Nexus One’s 512MB of on-board storage is pitiably small and just 190MB, this can be used for store apps and like this. But  the bottom of the start of  iPhone has 8GB and the range build up to 32GB.

Nexus One: 5MP camera, auto-focus and flash
iPhone: 3MP camera, auto-focus, no flash
Another clear win for the Nexus One: more megapixels and a flash should ensure that your pics look much better from a Nexus One than they would on an iPhone. The iPhone camera was upgraded for the 3GS model from 2MP to 3MP but, again, Google has pulled ahead.


This makes clear advantages of Google nexus one to iPhone except Storage. But this will be not as easy to capture the smart phone market although Google is a giant of cyber world. This is also help full if we analyzed the Nokia’s N95 and iPhone. iPhone beat it with attention and features such as integration with iTunes. The Google Smart phone One Nexus will be important competitor for the iPhone but this battle is not going to end.

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