iPhone advertising: Fifa world cup soccer game 2010

Fifa Worldcup Soccer 2010 Fever for the iPhone User

iphone_worldcup_soccer_fifa_2010Fifa World Cup 2010 mania is bang on! Exhilarating performances by Korea Republic and Argentina from Group B, Slovenia from Group C, Germany and Ghana from Group D and Netherlands and Japan from Group E have been driving us crazy. Well! It’s not only me who is keeping you updated, there’s a better option for this – iPhone. To keep you updated with the recent happenings at the Fifa and its statistics swap to some good and interesting apps for Fifa World Cup 2010 on your iPhone. Here’s a list of some exciting facts that will connect you directly with the world cup Fifa 2010 via your iPhone on the go:


1. The iTV for iPhone:

The iTV app for iPhone is airing live matches for Fifa World Cup 2010, so without the fear of taking put time separately from your busy schedule for match viewing, you can enjoy the consecutive Fifa matches on your iPhone. iTV app features match highlights and details, daily podcasts and news. The app can be downloaded from iTunes for absolutely free, and requires iPhone 3G or later with iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

2. Predict scores for your favourite team:

Freshly upgraded app for Fifa World Cup 2010 that lets you to predict scores for the teams playing on the ground known as SouthAfricaPhone 1.0. The app analyse the users input and predicts match results according to the highest rating. The MParis creation SouthAfricaPhone is linked to their official website where all global users synchronize and get connected to now if their prediction worked out and the scores after the games are how much reluctant to their calculation.

The app supports almost nine different languages that include English, Spanish, French, and Italian. The app is programmed with a schedule of entire 64 matches for any of the 26 time zones. The SouthAfricaPhone 1.0 is on the App Store for $3.99 and requires iPhone, iPod Touch or even your huge large screen iPad with OS 3.1.3 or later.

3. Southafrica2010 World Cup Soccer Cup Tracker:

To get yourself updated with the latest news and updates about the Fifa event and the team progress you need this 99 cents app, ASAP! iPhone also provides numbers on leader board, images and instantaneous score updates.

4. The MyMadrid app:

This app let you happily follow any international team in the Fifa World Cup 2010. The application also shows the trend for how team-driven applications should serve the fanism.

And the list is never-ending a huge list of apps was released with the World Cup 2010 that includes both gaming and news updating apps. IPhone’s platform is a vast network for monetizing your business on any event around the globe. Some apps are for free but most of them cost you around $0.99- 1.99 where a few cost you around $4.99-6.99.

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