AT&T Data Plans-An Argument

There’s just too much to talk about the recent WWDC event. After the launch of iPhone 4, iBook Stores enhanced features and long discussion of iOS4, Steve’s also highlighted the new wireless data caps from AT&T. Steve also proclaimed some new and upgraded apps at the WWDC that includes Netflix, FarmVille and Guitar Hero for iPhone and iPad, processed on high bandwidth.

It isn’t a good way to utilize your AT&T data plans on these apps as the files are a bit heavier and trouble free download through WiFi or any other network. Other networks actually provide much better HSDPA or HSUPA speeds than AT&T itself.

AT&T makes a hollow claim that it is their big step for consumer saving, but in real it would be good for only those who don’t use 3G data extensively. AT&T’s new data plans will trouble those iPhone users who instantaneously use more data than the standard 2GB on their network carrier. ATA&T needs to improve its network’s performance, instead of making changes in the data plans and banning unlimited package.

The newly surpassed data plans from AT&T are turning users conscious of their data utilization and their interactivity on app, video, music downloading and internet browsing. In addition, it is the iAds to be added to the app making, which will obviously affect the network’s performance and connectivity.

Developers can now develop their applications on a light weighted HTTP steaming, introduced by Steve. It delivers video on many relevant and diverse methods to lower the bit rates in an instance, but this would still be a tough job to deal with, for the developers. Expecting a whole revision of the app development is really awful and disturbing.

I am not sure how long will the iPhone 4 with the iOS4 requires to connect through 3G data plan, while on iPhone 3GS it was hardly 50% of the time which I spent using 3G data plans, and on the iPad it is almost 90% of the time that I spent on a WiFi directly.

Moreover, the new iMovie app in iOS4 lets you edit video on HD with 720 pixel density and 30 frames per second. After making such a video I can’t stay back from uploading the videos on YouTube but will AT&T’s limited data plans blow out the data cap.

What is your perspective about the data plans from AT&T and the bandwidth inference of the new iPhone 4 and iOS 4? Comment to let us know.

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