Apple leaves behind Microsoft

“This article is published with the Special Thank of It’s About iPhone blog.”

The war between the two giants never seizes. Microsoft and Apple’s cold war in the market cap have been for long now, but there is something new this time. Microsoft leaded the score board with a little difference of $50 billion. The inclination and fluctuation of the shares in the market cap was unpredictable but it wasn’t hard to believe that soon Apple would take over Microsoft in the score board. And finally Apple did it!

Finally the day is here when Apple has outdone Microsoft in the market cap with a slight difference of 1.76%. Although the stocks have been floating for long but a noticeable fact is that for the first time Apple is ahead of Microsoft. Share fluctuations are of course part of the game, and Microsoft just very well regain its position in no time but it is still great new for Apple for giving tough time to Microsoft. No doubt Apple iPhone and iPhone apps have vital role for this achievement.

Similar kind of news also floated in previous weeks. Do you remember S&P float adjustment numbers that screwed Microsoft’s products against Apple’s? Winning or losing it is not the justification but satisfaction to certain priorities for a limited time. Dear Microsoft, don’t you worry nothing lasts forever neither you did nor Apple will. Some day some other product will replace Apple too.

It is not a matter of financial perceptions but the fight for position in the highly advanced and fast-moving landscape of technology. It was from last five years that Apple was trying its best to gain over Microsoft’s stock. In this timeframe Microsoft went down on its productivity and stocks, while Apple raised it by 550% with an average ratio of +4.31 in the valuation chart.

In just a month Apple is leading $3 million ahead from Microsoft and closes day with $222.07 vs. $219.18 billion. The only competitor and leader on the board is Exxon Mobil in the U.S. landscape for Apple. Apple’s stock continued rising since its last beat against Wal-Mart for the third placement in the US market capitalization, starting over from $245 and ending today with $251. The stocks increased 95% in just last 52 weeks that is actually an incredible performance from Apple.


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