Facebook- Monetization via Facebook Applications

Facebook is the largest social site till date with a colossal user base of 300 million. The growth has been nothing but in the positive direction and with time Facebook has developed into the leading giants of the social network.
Facebook has made its platform third party app friendly which means that applications that belong to companies other than Facebook can also be run on the platform. This has come off as a great advantage to Facebook because in the process the platform became home to more than 350K applications! Most of these applications are developed by third party developers.
Facebook applications have a major impact on the online marketing domain, so much so that it is considered vital for a brand to have a Facebook app if it wants to make it big on the global scale. Why is so? As mentioned earlier Facebook has the largest audience. What else does a marketer need? The immense reach offered by the platform is irresistible.
Facebook applications are also a great way to monetize your ideas and generate revenue. Companies have earned fortunes while simply developing apps for Facebook. The platform allows monetization via a number of mediums.
The applications that top the leader board at the moment have one thing in common. They all are unique in their concepts i.e. they have the element of something “new” in them. These applications attract users and engage them which generate a viral effect thus promoting the app throughout the Facebook network. It is important to note that the most successful applications are all “gaming” applications. This means that however professional it may be the company should not forget to add the hint of fun in their applications.
The boom of Facebook has just started and in the near future Facebook is bound to grow even more. Being on Facebook will not only enhance your online presence but will also help in attracting potential clients.


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