Facebook and iPhone Applications

Facebook is a giant social network with the millions of users. Facebook users love to use facebook network to be update with their families, friends, colleagues and community etc. But no one can sit in the front of computer every time but users required to connect with their social network every time. Latest mobile phone devices has make   this possible especially iPhone. iPhone users can be connect/chat with their friends on facebook and be able to enjoy with a lot of facebook applications while they are not in front of PC.  According to company claim last month approximately 95 million users logged on facebook via mobiles and more than half users was from iPhone or iPod touch . That is why Facebook applications for the iPhone has continuesly been one of the most demanding pieces of software for Apple’s devices.

With the launch of iPhone 3Gs, Apple has attract the software and social network marketing industries to invest in iPhone Applications. iPhone offers a lot to its users besides a cool looking phone that can connect to the internet. There are an approximated 85 thousand iPhone applications available in the Apple store. These applications range from fun filled games to news widgets, from school video streaming to news updates. iPhone 3GS has been loaded with several new features which open up limitless possibilities for developers and marketers.  According to Apple it has sold over a billion copies of iPhone3GS. This is a clear indication of the success of the smart phone.

Facebook Application Development

Facebook is continuously updating its Connect application plate form for developers. But many developers from facebook iPhone applications are not satisfied with the policies of Apple to submitting and reviewing the applications to apple’s apps store. After the criticism from prominent developers, Apple may update the way to submit the application to apps store.

Facebook social network connected with Apple devices is a tremendous combination to promote the brand, marketing your products and you can do much much more. You need just a strategic plan to promote your brand, product or business with Applications to attract the visitors.

Brains Tech is the name of team using the latest techniques and technologies brilliantly to promote the brand as well as revenue generation. In short Brainstech.com is a one stop solution Company with a long list of satisfied users not only in USA but all over the world.


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